August 8, 2017

Here are some tips and additional materials residents and businesses might find helpful when preparing for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017.  

  • Sign up for Nixle Alerts from local emergency management and other local agencies, direct to your cell phone.
  • If you have an emergency and 911 calls are not getting through, try Text to 911.  Text 911 functions the same as normal texting, but unlike voice calls, Text 911 doesn’t provide operators with a GPS location.
  • Prepare for the possibility that cell phone service may be disrupted the weekend and day of the eclipse, due to heavy congestion of visitors to our area.
  • If you can stay home during the eclipse, please do, but if you must venture out, try to use side roads as much as possible instead of main thoroughfares.
  • Try not to make any unnecessary appointments or meetings on the day of the eclipse.
  • Have cash on hand in case credit and debit card machines do not work.
  • Stay informed: Have your car or battery operated radio programmed to any of our four local stations, including KFEQ 980AM, KKJO 105.5FM, ESPN 1550FM, QCountry 92.7FM. They’ll be live broadcasting traffic info, news and commentary of the Eclipse throughout the day.
  • If you venture outside to view the eclipse, lock your home and car. Protect your assets.
  • Stock up your home with food, water, medicines, radio batteries, and anything else you might need if you were stuck at home. Plan enough for any guests you may be entertaining during the weekend and event.

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